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Tigers Lacrosse Club FAQ:

Step 1: All lacrosse players on every level need to join Us lacrosse. www.uslacrosse.org click on membership.  $30 for year. This provides lacrosse team & suplimental insurance and other benefits. As soon as you register they will give you a membership #. You use this membership number when registering for many various programs or teams.

OCLAX League : uses school grade levels to make up their league divisons.

Tini Tigers Grade 1st/2nd: intro program - practices 1 times per week, (weds or fri).All players must join US lacrosse & players responsible for own equipment. Program introduces the sport and prepares them for Tigers

Boys Tigers Grade 2nd.3rd/4th & 4th/5th: (begins mid Nov) Practices 2 times per week, afternoons or evenings. Winter League Games in Feb/March. Spring season is April/May.  Games on Saturdays and Sundays. Schedule per OCLA. Seasonal Team fees & league fees. Players recieve game uniform, and team bag for new players. All players must join US lacrosse & players responsible for own equipment.

U - 11 Lady Tigers: Grades 2nd-3rd-4th:  Girls youth modified checking rules. Games on Saturdays and or Sunday, per OCLA. 2 Practices per week- games played in feb-April. All players must join US lacrosse.  Players recieve sling pack and game uniform.

What gear do you need to play?
your playing gear is not included in the team fees.
Boy Players need: boys lax stick, helmet, gloves, armpads, shoulder pads, mouthpiece, cleats. Optional Rib pads, protective cup.
Girl players need: girls lax stick. mouthpiece, protective Eye goggles, cleats.  Optional items are: girls lax gloves, girls head protector/helmet

You can find gear locally at specialist: Monkey Sports, Irvine. or Dicks Sporting goods & online at lax.com.